September Single-Family Market on Fire: VREB Releases Stats

Posted on Oct 09, 2020

The fall market is definitely upon us, and real estate records continue to be set. Victoria real estate is on fire as people continue to realign their lives in this pandemic world.

Here is how the last month looked:
  • 989 properties sold
  • ↑ 60.6 per cent over September 2019
  • ↑ 1 per cent over August 2020

  • 280 condos sold
  • ↑ 26.7 per cent from September 2019
  • ↑...

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August Continues to Show Rise: VREB

Posted on Sep 02, 2020

Based on the last couple of months in Victoria real estate, you wouldn’t think that we’re still struggling with a global pandemic. To say that COVID-19 hasn’t slowed real estate down would be an understatement.

July, across the country, was the busiest month for real estate. Ever. Of all time. August sales, in total, were up 48.1 per cent over last...

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June Scorches May: VREB Releases Stats

Posted on Jul 03, 2020

Coming off a hot second half of May, the June market continued to trend upwards, despite a lagging economy and uncertainty surrounding a pandemic.

Buyers were out in full-force last month, and the Victoria Real Estate Board’s stats showcase some strong trends for both buyers and sellers out there. We had two months of pent-up demand and June bore t...

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Strata Duplexes: When Strata Properties Don't Seem Like Strata

Posted on Jul 01, 2020

Every so often, when hunting for the perfect strata property, you might come across a strata duplex that seems more like a regular house than a strata.

So what does that exactly mean to you as a buyer?

It means a couple of things, actually.

Recently we showed our buyers a lovely duplex in Fernwood that clearly had a strata plan and common property, b...

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Multiple Offers: What Can You Do?

Posted on Jun 23, 2020

This last week in real estate land has been a crazy one. Even our colleagues have had crazy weeks. And one of the biggest hot topics is the return of the multiple offer.

What does that mean? Well, it’s pretty straightforward in theory: a property for sale receives more than one offer on it at a single time. For example, we had buyers in love with a...

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Get Started in Victoria Real Estate: Three Things to Do

Posted on Jun 16, 2020

This past week, I met with a first-time homebuyer just about to get started in her condo search. We met to have an introductory coffee and to have an exploratory talk about the condo market and what she might be looking for. It actually lended itself quite well to a blog post that I think a lot of first-time buyers could use, especially if you’re n...

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