Condo and Townhome Buyers

Whether you're a first time home buyer or an experienced investor, our 7 Step Buyer Plan will give you the peace of mind to make the best possible decision in the Victoria real estate market

1. Initial buyer consultation - Our buyers meet us at one of our beautiful Engel & Volkers shops (Downtown, Oak Bay, Bear Mountain) to enjoy a coffee and chat about their real estate goals, as well as the general process buying property here.  Whether you are an experienced real estate buyer or brand new to the market, this low pressure interactive chat allows you to ask any questions you have ever wondered about real estate, as well as get some pointers on how to make your search less time consuming and more enjoyable. 

2. Market Experience - Whether you are buying in 2 years or 2 months, we suggest going out for an initial round of showings with us, so that you have a general idea of why condos command certain prices in certain areas.  We specifically highlight that this is not a “buying trip.” We simply want you to see what it is like to view properties with a local expert, where we can highlight what is good and bad about certain properties.

3. Showings - Once you are ready to purchase, the real showings start in earnest.  This is the fun part!  We will see great properties, and some not so great.  It all contributes to your understanding of the local market.  Our goal during this stage is to get you as familiar with the local price points as possible, so that when the perfect property comes up for sale, you will know as well as us what a good deal it is! 

4. Offer - Once we find the perfect home for you, it’s time to make an offer.  We meet back at our office again to chat about the offer process and what you can do to get the best possible terms and price accepted by the seller.  There are hundreds of nuances in the offer process, and no detail can go overlooked.  This is an incredibly important stage and we take the time to show you how to utilize our experience of over 300 sales and many more offers to get the best result possible.

5. Condition Period- Congratulations on your accepted offer!  Now what??  We are the quarterbacks of the entire operation from here until your conditions are removed.  We can set up an appointment with a building inspector, let them into the property, send documents to your mortgage advisor, check important documents with the city, read strata documents and more.  Everything goes through us in order to make the condition period stress free and simple.  We are here for you during this crucial time in the buying process.  We will always give you the answers you need.  Did the building inspection have red flags?  We will tell you and even advise you to walk away.  Does the strata corporation have bad finances?  We will tell you.  We aren’t here to get you any sale - we are here to get you the right property. 
6. Closing - Once you have removed your conditions, you have lots to think about to get prepared for completion (when you buy the property).  You will need to bring in a deposit, change over all of your utility bills, schedule movers, set up a final meeting with your mortgage broker, meet the lawyers for paperwork etc etc.  We have a clear roadmap for you to follow to make this period stress free.  Since we have been in the business for almost a decade, we have this process dialed in.  

7. Possession - Once the property has completed, we meet you at the home with keys, goodies, and lots of hugs!  This is a personal business for us, and seeing you walk into your new home is the most rewarding part.  This is not the end of the line for us though.  If there’s any issues with the home once you move in, let us know and we will be there for you.

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