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Whether you own a penthouse or a studio, our 7 Step Selling Program™ provides you with the top-level service, marketing, and support you need to sell your condo or townhome fast and for the most money. 

We are here to help make this a smooth and easy transaction, from step one to step seven. We know selling your home can be stressful at any stage in your life, but with our approach, we try to reignite the excitement as you prepare for your next move. Read below for how it all works.

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1. Initial seller meeting - Usually the first step in the selling process is to meet you at your home and tour through the property. At this point, we are simply meeting you to discuss your selling goals, and getting to know the property. We generally do not discuss aspects such as pricing at this point, as we likely have never seen the specific nuances of your property. It would frankly be a bit disingenuous to come in to your house with a price in our heads already. Your home is unique, and any pricing will reflect that. 

2. Selling strategy meeting - Once we collect all the relevant information about your home, we come up with an innovative and collaborative approach to selling your home. That sounds like a bunch of real estate cliche, but it’s actually true with us. You will meet us in the office for an espresso, regular coffee, or Perrier, and we will go through every single thing we plan on doing to sell your home. We go through the strengths and weaknesses of your home, the target market, the building, the strata corporation, and much more.  Sellers tell us that after this meeting, they feel absolute confidence in “the plan” and know the roadmap for the entire listing period. That is certainly the goal! 

3. Marketing - Our marketing is so involved that it would be impossible to list it here. For brevity's sake, our marketing strategy centres around putting your property in front of as many eye balls as possible. That takes money, and we are not afraid to spend it. This is not the time to just take photos and put the property on MLS. We spend the money to make sure your listing is looking it’s absolute best. We use the best photographer in town and order most of our print marketing from our head office in New York City. Have you ever noticed how some listings look “sad” online? Low lighting, non-professional photos, and lackluster marketing? You won’t find that here. Ask yourself this - how many companies can put your listing on TVs throughout their 800 locations in 33 countries on 4 continents? Every little bit of marketing helps!  

4. Communication- The average listing in Victoria now takes over a month to sell. What is your real estate agent doing during that month? Many of us agents are working hard to drum up interest in your home, but sometimes communication with the seller can be lacking. What is happening with your listing, and how many people are viewing it each week? How many more people will view the listing with certain price drops? What is the feedback from showings? You will always hear from us on how things are going, even if the market is slower. This gives you peace of mind that we are still doing everything we can to sell your home. 

5. Negotiating an offer - We got an offer on your property! This is a very exciting time and where the expertise of a real estate agent is very important. Our goal is always to get the best price and terms for you in your sale. Can we leverage other interested parties? Do we know the buyer agent? Can we utilize our relationships in the industry to move the needle? In the end, we cannot dictate what buyers will offer on your home. But we can certainly give you the needed information on if this is a good offer or not and if we can expect a better offer in the future. This information puts your mind at ease that you have maximized the value of your sale.  

6. Condition period - Most people think that a listing agent does not do much during the period of the Buyer’s conditions. That is not the case with us. We are constantly checking in with the Buyer’s agent to see if there are any strata-related fires we can help put out. There are lots of questions that a potential Buyer has during their condition period. Many times, a Buyer’s agent leans on us to get that information, especially if the information requires the Seller’s consent. Putting in the work during this phase really pays off on getting the potential Buyer over the finish line. 

7. Completion - Once the Buyer’s conditions have been removed, it’s time to celebrate! We will make sure the deposit is held in trust, and then it’s time to plan for the closing date. We send all the necessary paperwork to your lawyer or notary, as well as suggest a checklist of things you will likely want to take care of before you sell. Things such as utility bills, movers, handyman services, and banking. This ensures a stress-free end to your real estate transaction. Upon completion, we will meet you to congratulate and thank you in person, complete with a little something to show our appreciation.

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